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Johnny Depp Zone Interview Archive

Great interviews with Johnny Depp and published articles from his more-than-twenty year career!

Johnny Depp Zone By Johnny Archive

Published articles written by Johnny over the course of his public life.

Johnny Depp Zone Movie Lore Archive

Behind-the-scenes and “making of” articles and interviews about Johnny's movies.

Johnny Depp Zone Reflections Archive

Brief quotes about Johnny Depp written by his friends and colleagues.

Johnny Depp Zone Fan Fiction Archive

Complete works of fanfic about characters from Johnny Depp's movies, written by Zone members.


The Johnny Depp Zone Archives

This site represents a long-time dream of mine come true—an addition to the Johnny Depp Zone that contains great interviews with Johnny, outstanding fan fiction, and all of Johnny’s own published writing. The Archives are a great place to come and read to learn more about Johnny, to track his growth as an artist over the course of his career, or to be pleasantly diverted with stories about his movie characters.


The Interview Home link will take you to a collection of the best magazine and newspaper articles published about Johnny Depp in the past twenty years. The interviews are presented in chronological order—the earliest stories date from 1987—and are divided by era. All of the articles are presented in a reader-friendly format and include photographs. We Zoners love photographs of Johnny Depp, so if the article didn’t include enough visual appeal, we added more pictures from our own collections.

The By Johnny link conducts you to a collection of works written by Johnny Depp himself. The pieces in this archive are gifts from Joni’s personal collection, and we thank her very much for sharing them.

The Movie Lore link takes you to a series of articles that give behind-the-scenes information about Johnny Depp’s films. In Movie Lore, we gather stories that focus on “the making of” individual films, as well as interviews with directors, producers, designers, fellow actors, cinematographers, and writers who worked with Johnny. Movie Lore is Theresa's labor of love, and we thank her for her work developing the archive.

The Reflections link connects you to a collection of brief quotes about Johnny Depp by his friends and colleagues. These are arranged alphabetically by the speaker’s last name. The Reflections Archive is Sleepy’s brainchild; she has been collecting quotes about Johnny for as long as there’s been a Zone. Many thanks to her and to Joni for sharing their collections. Reading the quotes in Reflections is a great way to learn a lot about Johnny in a short time.

The FanFic Home link leads to a collection of a few of our favorite works of fan fiction. These are complete stories featuring Johnny Depp's movie characters, written by Zone members. All stories in the Fan Fiction Archive are copyrighted by the individual authors and remain their exclusive property; all rights reserved. We reprint the stories with the authors’ permission. Please do not copy or republish these works elsewhere without obtaining the writers’ consent first; you can reach the individual authors via the Johnny Depp Zone main site.

The Archives are a read-only site, presented for the enjoyment of Deppheads everywhere. Bandwidth here re-sets every day, so if you find someday that you cannot access the site, it simply means the day’s bandwidth has already been exhausted—we’ll be back online the next day with a fresh supply.

Many thanks to Theresa, who designed the Johnny Depp Zone Archives and did the code for every article and story included here. It was a labor of love, but it was a labor of many months, and we wouldn’t have the Archives without her. Thanks also to software designer and web guru Andreas Viklund; Theresa adapted his open-source template for the Archives’ basic design, and we are very grateful to him for sharing his work.

Thanks are also due to the Archive Editors, Part-Time Poet, Theresa, and Joni, who spent untold hours transcribing, editing, selecting and adding photographs, proofreading, and writing copy. Thanks to DeepinDepp, who transcribed many articles from her collection, and to Emma and In-too-Depp, who shared great vintage interviews with us. Thanks to every Zone member who donated an article; the list of contributors appears in the Interview Archive. Many thanks to our talented fanfic authors who graciously allowed their works to be reprinted in the Fan Fiction Archive. Finally, thanks to Johnny Depp himself . . . for sitting through all those interviews when he’d have preferred to be somewhere else; for writing to celebrate the works of artists he admires; and for providing a continual source of inspiration to the staff and members of the Zone, and to moviegoers everywhere.

The Archives are an ongoing project, so please stop by often . . . we will be adding new articles and stories throughout the year. If you are interested in up-to-the minute news about Johnny Depp, or you want to browse through extensive photo galleries of Johnny, or you would enjoy some conversation with literate, witty, adult fans of Johnny Depp—possibly conversation about what you have read here--please visit the main Zone site at

Part-Time Poet
Johnny Depp Zone Webmaster